RANDOM THOUGHTS: Interesting Facts - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Interesting Facts
Dr. A.Q. Khan


Today some interesting facts about two totally different topics.

Zam Zam water is a true miracle. Many international research institutes have tried and failed to find out the secrets of Aab-e-ZamZam (ZZW). In Makkah, where the well is located within the premises of the Kabah, there is no trace of any other source of water. International research institutes have brought many distinctive characteristics to light. In one minute, it provides 720 liters of water, thus in one hour that makes 43,200 litres! Yet nobody knows the source of this water. A Japanese research institute has concluded that nowhere else in the world is there any water similar to that found here and even recycling does not change its characteristics. Analysis shows that one litre of this water contains 133 mg sodium, 96 mg calcium, 43.3 mg potassium, 195.4 mg bicarbonate, 163.3 mg chloride, 0.72 mg fluoride, 124 mg nitrite and 124 mg sulphate. The total depth of the well is 96 feet and the distance from the spring source to the bottom of the well is about 56 feet. All other wells usually develop algae and minute plants. These change the taste of the water, usually negatively. Here the taste never changes.

Once, when I was setting up the uranium enrichment plant at Kahuta, I went to Germany with some colleagues. On the way we stopped off in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Gen Zia had made a rule at the time that government servants could perform Umrah while on their way abroad and only had to pay the small cost of rerouting their flights via Saudi Arabia. We gratefully made use of this facility. At that time the marble surrounding the Kabah was hardly 20 feet wide. From this walkway, the main prayer halls were connected by various paths with gravel between them. Many people used to place their prayer mats on this gravel to pray. Unfortunately, many of these stones would come onto the marble and were extremely painful when stepped on with bare feet. Also at that time, just to the left of Muqam-e-Ibrahim, stairs led down to the Zam Zam well and one could peep into it. Pumps circulated the water to taps and people were taking showers there. With time, all this has changed. The gravel was removed, white marble was laid all around with under-floor cooling. The open spaces and stairs leading to the well were closed. Zam Zam water was placed in coolers for devotees to drink, large tankers took water to Madinah and coolers were put in Masjid-e-Nabvi. All devotees now have access to cold Zam Zam water. Just recently the government started a train service from Jeddah to Makkah and Madinah, saving devotees from inconvenience and expenditure.

The second interesting topic I would like to mention refers to Gen. Zia’s important cricket diplomacy. In the late eighties, the Indian government posted a large number of soldiers and weapons near its border with Pakistan – exercise “Brass Tacks”. The whole world was afraid of another war between the two countries. Out of the blue, Gen. Zia decided to travel to New Delhi to watch the cricket match being played there between India and Pakistan. The Indians, still under the illusions of December 1971, were not aware that my colleagues and I had meanwhile put sufficient nuclear weapons at Gen. Zia’s disposal to inflict unacceptable destruction on India. This is the true story narrated by the Indian National Security Adviser (Behramnam) to Rajiv Ghandi, as published in “India Today”.

“The late President of Pakistan, Gen. Ziaul Haq, faced a huge Indian army at Pakistan’s border. On the other side, the Russians were fighting with the Mujahideen of Afghanistan. People were worried that Pakistan and India might get involved in a big, devastating war. The Indian army was waiting for a nod from the PM to attack Pakistan. At that time, Gen. Zia suddenly reached Delhi ‘to see’ the cricket match between India and Pakistan. Rajiv Ghandhi was in no mood to meet Gen. Zia, but he had to go to the airport to receive the President. He showed cold behaviour and told me to go to see the match with Gen. Zia. Zia had iron nerves. Inspite of Rajiv’s cold behaviour, he kept a smile on his face. Before leaving for Pakistan and saying goodbye to Rajiv Ghandi, he said: ‘Mr. Rajiv, you want to attack Pakistan; please go ahead but remember one thing. After this war, people will not talk about Changez Khan and Halaku Khan and will only remember Ziaul Haq and Rajiv Ghandi, because it won’t be a traditional war but an atomic war. The whole of Pakistan may be destroyed (there are more than 50 Islamic Countries) but there will still be hundreds of millions of Muslims. Remember, there is only one Hindu country – India – and I will ensure that India and the Hindus are wiped out. If you don’t withdraw your troops before I reach Pakistan, the first thing I will do is to order my troops to fire.’ Rajiv Ghandhi had perspiration on his forehead and I had an (unpleasant) sensation in my spine. At that time, Zia looked to me to be the most dangerous man on earth. His face looked like stone and his words had terrifying effect. Looking at his eyes I felt that he would wipe out the sub-continent with nuclear weapons. A second later Gen. Zia was his normal, smiling, courteous self and shook hands with all the dignitaries. Beside Rajiv Ghandi and me, nobody had the slightest inkling what the courteous and smiling Gen. Zia had just conveyed to Rajiv Ghandi.”

NOTE: Gen. Vernor Walters, President Reagan’s Special Emissary, regularly came to Pakistan to meet Gen. Zia and to convince him to freeze the nuclear programme. With his usual politeness and humbleness, he sent him back satisfied every time. Later, in President Reagan’s de-classified papers, the American General wrote about Gen. Zia: “Either he really does not know (about the nuclear programme) or else he is the most superb and patriotic liar I have every met in my life.”

Posted on Jun 05, 17 | 7:38 am