Real issues of Muslims over shadowed by Triple Talaque - By: Adv.Masood Peshimam

Much has been written about triple talaque or other forms of talaque or other forms of divorce and the discourse has been marked by the political dimension. The debates oriented to score the brownie points have the purpose other than constructive. The critics of triple talaque or anything associated with Muslim personal law are more interested in painting the devil of Muslims or show the community in poor light rather than guided by any thought to improve the plight of Muslim women. As far as triple talaque is concerned Muslims largely have denounced and condemned its practice. There is no need to blow the issue of triple talaque or divorce out of proportion when the Muslims themselves would like to disown such unhealthy practice and the efforts are onto create the proper social impact to discourage the same. The real issue is not the triple talaque or the triple divorce but create the basis to erode the pluralistic character of the society.

Those talking of delivering justice to the Muslim women are the hardliners who have never shown any concern for the Muslim women when they are raped or gang raped in the teeth of communal violence or when their men folk are murdered brutally or lynched to death in the name of cow protection. No concern whatsoever is shown when Muslim youth are put behind bars on the fake charges of terrorism. Such unhappy scenario continues till the accused are exonerated by the superior courts. It is too late by the time accused are let off without the guilt proven. Instead the pernicious efforts are made to transfer the blame on the victim to lend justification to the cult of victimization. With the odds very much staked against the youth the entire family is for unimaginable disaster. The silence of the votaries of justice for Muslim women speaks phenomenal.

The whole disastrous exercise has a design. It is not only to create the stumbling block in the development and the progress of the community but to weaken the moral or the strength of the community to resist any sort of injustice. In the context no less significant is to note that the community leadership has always maintained distance from the protest against the increasing the spell of injustice.

It is the blatant injustice based on the policy of discrimination which led to the denial of opportunities or the jobs. There is the pernicious effort to develop the dismal scenario in which no platform is provided for the growth and flourish of talents. With less or minimum occupation in the business or the service some youth with the frustrated psyche have developed the trait to wake up late in the day. Itís the instinct of survival without the healthy source of earning Muslim youth are pushed into the world of crime. Without making an aggregate analysis of the factors contributing to the growth of crime and reasons inspiring the same phenomenal attention is given when the youth of community are caught in the specter of questionable activities. The fact also remains that notwithstanding the reasons initiating the growth of crime there is absolutely no justification for crime. The so called votaries of improving the lot of Muslim women have never remained bothered as to how the phenomenal discrimination and deepening prejudice has pushed the community to the wall. Livelihood is the biggest worry which has not aroused the concern of these so-called sympathizers of Muslim women. There is not even lip service to the growing sense of injustice.

Complicating the situation further there remains the certain section of media which instead of examining the issue on merit is much more interested in painting the devil of the community which in a way lends justification to target the community which has been experiencing its worst. Itís like giving a bad name to dog and killing it. The basis for growing disenchantment is created to fuel the social exclusion.

It is the relentless hatred which manifests one way or the other. To what extent of feverish intensity hatred has reached can well be illustrated by one incident in Kalyan bound train. It was some time back in a Kalyan bound train after Thane In Maharashtra a youth inadvertently stumbled upon the body of some co traveler. The incident was enough to generate more heat than light. The furor has snowballed into a situation in which there was a cry to throw the boy out of a running train due to his religious identity. There canít be any room for mercy with the deepening prejudice. Anyway the boy was saved with the intervention of some people who said that the youth was a college student and not a thief. What a horror to think of a young lad to be thrown out of a running train.

In the circumstance seething with deepening prejudice it is not astonishing to note that attorney general Mukul Rohatgi to denounce all forms of talaque or divorce. He found defect even in talaque ordained by Quran. In the talaque acceptable to all sects of Muslim in the light of Quran there is the scope for reconciliation even after two pronouncements of divorce or talaque completing nearly two months. There is no space for reconciliation with the third or final pronouncement of talaque or divorce completing nearly three months. This form of talaque or the divorce creates all the initiatives within the space of nearly three months under the same roof which provides the opportunities to reconcile.

Attorney General, appearing for the Centre asserted that the issue of triple talaque or divorce should not be seen as the majority forcing its views on minorities.

However notwithstanding the assertions made by the attorney general the fact remains that the government whose secular credentials are open to question canít wash its hands off from imposing the majoritarian culture and practices.

The real issue is not the divorce or the triple talaque but the real issue is the harshness and bitterness in nature born of economic chaos and instability which leads to the marital discord or derailment. The rich and the affluent despite being insensitive have space for sweetness in nature may be synthetic while the poor folk with expanding miseries in life due to the extremely economic worrying situation remain bitter and harsh. With the deficit of contentment added with harshness the cordiality of relations is not maintained leading to the marital rupture. Poverty is always a big obstacle in maintaining the harmony of relations which accentuates the gravity of the situations leading to divorce or separation.

Against this back drop the issue is not triple talaque or divorce. The issue is abysmal poverty and its attendant lack of education associated with Muslims. Those making big noise over divorce are rather expected to focus on improving the economic plight of the community which would help in developing education to bring Muskan or smile on the face of the community. The Muslims are also expected to show the excellence of character to earn the good will of the social mainstream.

Posted on Jun 04, 17 | 4:28 am