Aami Urdu Markaz, Riyadh hosts a Literary Sitting with Dr. Shahnaz Muzzamil. BY: Fayyaz Malik, Riyadh, KSA.


An evening in Riyadh when you get a chance to treat your ears with some beautiful Urdu poetry from a select group of poets, is all you need on a weekend. This was exactly the experience when a literary organization, ‘Aalmi Urdu Markaz, Riyadh’ hosted a literary sitting to honor the renowned poetess Dr. Shahnaz Muzzamil’s visit to Riyadh. This visit coincided with the 30th anniversary of ‘AdabSaraae International’, a literary organization chaired by Dr. Shahnaz Muzzamil, providing the literati of Riyadh another reason to celebrate with her.

The literary get-together was arranged at the residence of Mr. Shoukat Jamal who represents ‘Aalmi Urdu Markaz’ as a secretary of its Riyadh branch.

Some of the finest Urdu poets were invited to pay homage to the 30 years long literary journey of Dr. Shahnaz. The guests’ list included names like; Mr. Yousef Ali Yousef, Mr. Hasham Ahmed Sayyed, Mr. SaleemKaavish, Mr. Meer Farasat Ali Khusrou, Mr. Ghuam Fareed Bhutta, and Mr. Sadaf Fareed. Some representatives of Pakistan Writers’ Club (PWC); Mrs. Madiha Malik convener PWC’s Ladies Chapter, Mrs. Shumaila Malik, Deputy Convener PWC and a senior member of PWC Mr. FayyazHaider Malik were also present among the guests.

Mr. Shoukat Jamal presided over the event and welcomed the honorary guest. He handed over the proceedings of the evening to Mr. Yousef Ali Yousef; a well-versed poet of Riyadh. Mr. Yousef opened the event with a brief history of ‘Aalmi Urdu Markaz’, which was initiated in 1995 as a platform to stimulate the love of Urdu language and literature among its speakers and reignite in them Urdu’s cultural values.

Mr. Yousef, then briefed the audiences on life experiences and the literary achievements of the guest of honor. Dr. Shahnaz was born and bred amongst men of letters in her family. Her father and a close relative, Hasher Badayouni and ShakeelBadayouni respectively were two of revered poets of Indo-Pak literary circles. She started writing earlyand continued her educational endeavors after her marriage. After passing her Public Service Commission exams, she opted to manage libraries of Islamia College and Model Town, Lahore. Eventually, after getting retired from Quaid-e-Azam Library as a director, she established the foundations of ‘AdabSaraae’ in 1987. Since then, she has been serving the cause of promoting Urdu literature in various spheres of life.
At present she is working to accomplish the great task of interpreting the meaning of the Holy Quran in Urdu poetic verse.

After this introduction, the Musaira proceedings were opened by Mr. Youssef Ali Youssef. He mesmerized his listeners with his delicate use of Urdu expressions. Later, Mr. Youssef invited Mr. Sadaf Faridi, Mr. Meer Farasat, Mr. Fareed Bhutta, Mr. HashamSayyed and Mr. SaleemKavish on the stage to keep the audiences amused with their original poetic renditions. The poets covered delicate aspects of human existence in their poems. The listeners relished and cheered each and every line with generous applause. At the end of this purely delighted poetic session, the chief guest was invited to share her poetic prowess with the listeners. Dr. Shahnaz Muzzamil regaled her admirerswith subjects in Sufi tradition with a pure spiritual élan and poetic flair. Her choice of words fitted the great thought of her poetry like perfectly chiseled gems.

At the end of this beautiful evening, the host serve the guests with a sumptuous dinner. Dr. Shahnaz Muzzamil presented the audiences with some of her published works. Thus a literary gathering came to a perfect end.

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Posted on May 30, 17 | 11:45 pm