Instability in Pakistan - BY: Shaikh Hyder

Why is Pakistan Moving Steadily Towards Instability with all its borders "Active?"
Compiled by New Trend Research.

Problems which touch the daily lives of people are quite obvious in Pakistan.

Daily outages of electricity in the extreme summer heat are affecting people across the country. People are actually dying of the heat they cannot deal with.

Couple that lack of comfort with the increasing lack of security and the steady erosion of law and order.

The courts are unable to provide justice and cases go on forever.

Extreme poverty in some areas of Pakistan is leading people to rise up against the rulers. Groups with guns are attracting recruits in large numbers.

The mobility of the middle and upper classes show to the messes what they do not have. The class structure is cruel and the disdain with which servants and employees are treated are creating trauma in the minds of the "have nots."

In the core of society is the sense of inferiority under which the women of Pakistan live. Great numbers of them will no longer accept the "second class" role. Fortunately some Islamic groups have started accepting women into their activist formations though not yet in their decision making processes.

Often women who want to choose whom they will marry are seen as corrupt and are victimized if they persist. The result is a steady flow of alienated women into secular west-oriented groups. Many women do not know that they have property rights in Islam and have no way of knowing if men are usurping their property rights. Cousin marriages which have some benefits are being used to stop women from marriages of their choice.

[Women are told that the marriage of Ali, r.a. and Fatima, r.a. a "cousin marriage" was ideal. They have no way of knowing that the Prophet, pbuh, did not teach that cousin marriages should be carried out. The successful cousin marriages in early Islam were successful because those getting married were intense in their devotion to the ideals of Islam. In our times, with religion a part of convention, cousin marriages are a tool to control and oppress women.]

The Problem at the Center
In 1965, the Pakistani armed forces fought with heroism and fortitude against Indian aggression. However in the last 50 years, the Pakistani military has been repeatedly used against its own people. The most tragic episode was the behavior of the army as an occupation force in East Pakistan where it violated the norms of Islam and treated the Bengali speaking people as non-Muslims. India intervened and the army surrendered to India: a tragedy which has never happened in Muslim history: A Muslim army surrendering to Hindus.

Then there was the army attack on the Red Mosque and the Women's Seminary, Jamia Hafsa, right in the heart of Islamabad.
American influence has entered the military to such an extent that America can move Pakistani armed forces against Pakistanis. The growth of the movement for Sharia rule became so strong in Swat and in the frontier areas that America saw it as a threat. At the behest of America, the army removed the ENTIRE population of Swat and turned it into a free fire zone. The Islamic fighters resisted every inch of the way under the leadership of mujahid leader Maulvi Fazlullah. The army lost several thousand of its troops but also inflicted heavy casualties and forced Fazlullah to retreat across the border into Afghanistan.

The army and air force moved through the entire frontier disrupting Islamic communities and suppressing Islamic resistance. These frontier people are great supporters of Pakistan but they also have a sense of honor which will not allow them to accept being bullied and controlled by a military working for an overseas kafir power.

Finally the army invaded North Waziristan , again displaced the ENTIRE population and went on a rampage from village to village. The mujahideen resisted all the way but had to retreat under air strikes and tank columns and long range artillery used by the Pakistanis.

Bugti, one of the top leaders of the Baluch was murdered by the army [according to the Baluchi rebels]. Gradually the province has risen in rebellion owing to serious atrocities committed by the army, including the "disappearance" of scores of Baluch opponents . INDIA has seized the opportunity to fuel the rebellion in Baluchistan. An Indian spy has been captured in the troubled area which adds to the suspicion that India is actively creating problems in Baluchistan

Small Islamic groups have arisen across Pakistan who see the regime as unIslamic. One of these has been trying to help the persecuted Sunnis of Iranian Baluchistan. The border raids by this group are seen as a threat by Iran and Tehran sees Pakistan's weakness and has threatened to enter Pakistan to put an end to this and other mujahideen groups.

Within that context, India has started attacking villages on the line of control shared by Pakistan and India in Kashmir. India is using heavy artillery and Pakistan is answering with heavy artillery. These sporadic clashes are increasing in intensity and could set off a bigger conflict, even a war. India is trying to crush a peaceful uprising in Kashmir. The Kashmiri people are telling India to get out of Kashmir. The Indian attacks on the Pakistani villages are a way of creating Indian disinformation that the Kashmiri uprising is not indigenous and is being ignited by Pakistan.

Advice to Pakistan
New Trend would urge Pakistan to create internal peace. The people of Swat, Waziristan and other frontier areas should be allowed to govern themselves under Sharia. Troops should be withdrawn, prisoners released and journalists allowed into Islamic villages occupied by the army. The army should stop encouraging Shias and Qadianis and remove them from persecuting the Islamic opposition. Secularists should not be allowed to belittle Islam through various kinds of media. Blasphemy via blogs used by the seculars should be eliminated.

In the interior of the country, hospitals, clinics, alternate medicine, clean water, primary and secondary education should be provided to all families. Respected Islamic scholars should teach the rights of women.

In the final analysis, Pakistan will have to fight for its existence. Remember that India is now united with USA and Israel on the one hand and has good relations with Iran and Kabul on the other.

The mosques are the foundation of Pakistan. Let the voices of unity and struggle rise up.

Posted on May 31, 17 | 4:38 am