PWF holds seminar on media and its responsibility - By: Syed Mussarat Khalil


JEDDAH — Pakistan Writer Forum (PWF), a well known literary organization, providing a platform to local writers, poets and intellectuals to express their thoughts through workshops and seminars, organized a seminar titled “Current Media and its responsibilities”’ at Z-Grill restaurant, Azizia, recently.

Engineer Niaz Ahmed, founder president of the PWF, presided over the gathering. Amir Mohammed Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Journalist Forum (PJF) was the keynote speaker.
Noted Jeddah-based journalists, columnists and reporters from Urdu News, Arab News, Saudi Gazette, Nawai Waqt, Daily Pakistan, Kashmir, Express and representatives of various TV channels participated in the seminar.

The event commenced with the recitation from the Holy Qur’an by Qari Mohammad Asif. Syed Ahmed Irfan, a senior member of the PWF, conducted the program and welcomed guests and participants. In his opening remarks, Irfan outlined detailed aims and objectives of the seminar.
Amir Mohammed Khan said in his speech that it is journalist’s responsibility to describe the event precisely. If a journalist is not honest, his dishonesty can be disastrous for the country’s economy and integrity.

He quoted the professionalism and honesty of veteran journalists, like Majeed Nizami, Nasir Hashmi, Ather Hashmi, Absar Syed and Khalid Khursheed. No one can doubt their honesty and integrity, he said.

Syed Athar Husnain Rizvi, a senior editor at Saudi Gazette, commended the forum’s activities. He said due to the social media the responsibilities of a journalist have become more pronounced and critical.

Asad Akram, Saeed Ahmed Khan, Mohammad Amanatullah, Mustafa Khan, Mohammed Jamil Rathore said while addressing that there are huge difference between yesterday and today’s journalism.
They praised the PWF for organizing a seminar on such an important topic.

Engineer Niaz Ahmed thanked all the speakers, especially Amir Mohammed Khan in his presidential address. He said journalism is the fourth pillar of state. He described the sanctity and power of the pen with the references to Allama Iqbal’s poetry and international movements.

At the end the house passed a resolution urging the government of Pakistan to ensure safety of journalists and their families.

Posted on May 28, 17 | 4:34 am