Pakistani Ladies Celebrated the Advent of Ramadan in Riyadh - By: Qundeel Aymen


Pakistan Writers Club is an association of expatriate Pakistani writers, poets, artists and journalists. This time Pakistan Writers Club - Ladies Chapter (aka: PWC-LC) hosted an event to welcome and celebrate “The spirit of Ramadan” wholeheartedly.

Madam Nargis Kakar was the chief guest on the occasion, whereas, Mrs. Bilqis Safdar was the guest-of-honor.

PWC-LC Convener Madiha Malik presided over the event. Ladies and children turned up for the ceremony in great numbers.

The event was kicked-off by Asma Tariq – Advisor to Convener with a very inclusive introduction of the PWC – Ladies Chapter and she expressed the main theme of celebrating the event. The proceedings of the event got underway with the recitation from the Holy Quran by Shumaila Malik and melodious Naat by Almas Mumtaz, namely Naat Queen of LC.

Dr. Farah Nadia – a senior member of PWC-LC, delivered a motivational speech in which she highlighted the very purpose of Fasting in Ramadan. She added that fasting had a very positive impact on human health, and also conducted the segment.

Asma Tariq then passed the stage to Qundeel Aymen (PRO LC), and Almas Mumtaz (Finance In charge) who jointly conducted the proceedings of the Naat segment. Both brief the audience that the aim and objective of holding Naat competition is to provide the opportunity for community ladies about the significance of the month of Ramadan, and highlighted the achievements of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). That indicated the love of the Prophet (PBUH) in their hearts.

The participants enthralled the audience with their melodious voices, and through their Naat paid tribute to the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) teachings and his compassion, kindness, valor, insight, morality, and peace loving nature.

Naat Contestants were followed: Uzma Yasir, Farah Shamim, Ghausia, Sadia Irfan, Diba Mumtaz, Naghma Rehan, Reja Haroon and Gulshan Firdous. Some of them volunteered themselves for Naat and PWC-LC warmly gave them opportunity.

The jury of the competition consisted of Mrs. Sajida Chaudhary (a well known community figure), Ms. Nazia Afzal (a famous scholar) and their assistance Ms. Shumaila Malik (Deputy Convener LC).

They were judged on the selection of Naat, pronunciation, diction and tempo. Mrs. Sajida Chaudhary praised the ladies’ participants and declared the results. The final decision was made upon the mutual understanding of the judges, which were as follows: Uzma Yasir won the first prize, and declared best Naat Khawan. Farah Shamim second and Qudsia won third position respectively.


Dr. Farah Nadia (Media In charge), invited the chief guest and guest of honor to distribute shields, certificates and gifts to the position holders.

A third segment, which was conducted by Madiha Nauman (Event Coordinator LC) about the miracles of life which brought you closer to Allah. She consolidated with her life story that Allah is the most supreme entity of the universe.

Dr. Erum Qalbani and Mrs. Sajida Chaudhary also shared their life experience which brought the audience towards the catharsis, and received huge appreciations from the audience.

Towards the last segment, which was followed by Ms. Shumaila Malik on the Meditation of the Holy Quran. She elaborated the term Meditation aptly, and requested the audience to feel the essence of Quran by playing the recitation of Surah Ar-Rahman. A Dua was also offered and all the audience deeply involved in it.

Guest-of-Honor Mrs. Bilqis Safdar, announced to hold the event on a regular basis so that to aware the ladies about the Quran and Sunnah. She thanked Ladies Chapter for inviting her and also congratulated the new leadership of PWC-LC by commencing a meaningful event. PWC-LC always brought with novel ideas in each event.

Chief Guest Madam Nargis Kakar, speaking on the occasion, paid glowing tribute to the Pakistan Writers Club and its Ladies Chapter. She appreciated PWC-LC to host such eloquent event and added that by this event, she saw and learnt so many innovative things. “A Ramadan is a gift for every Muslim, Nargis added.”
Madiha Malik – Convener of Ladies Chapter, thanked Madam Nargis Kakar for gracing the event. She also thanked guest-of-honor for sharing motivational speech, and the audience for their presence. Lastly, she thanked all members of Ladies Chapter for turning it into a great successful event.

Memento shields were awarded to Madam Nargis Kakar and Mrs. Bilqis Safdar. Also, token gifts were awarded to all the guests.

The event ended with a high tea.

Qundeel Aymen is a Freelance writer based in Riyadh.
She is also Public Relations Officer - PRO of Ladies Chapter of PWC.

Posted on May 28, 17 | 4:30 am