RANDOM THOUGHTS: Our Holy Prophet and Hazrat Samamah - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Our Holy Prophet and Hazrat Samamah
Dr. A.Q. Khan


In the 6th Hijra, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) sent invitations to nearby chiefs and rulers to accept Islam. He wrote 8 letters to the kings of Arab and Ajam. One of these kings was Samamah bin Usal. He was the Chief of the Banu Hanifa tribe, a very powerful tribe nobody could dare to challenge or disobey. When he received the letter, he showed great anger about it and tore it up. He even plotted to kill the Prophet. He failed in this heinous scheme, but during the scuffle quite a few suhabai were killed. On hearing this, our Prophet issued a decree saying that Samamah was to be killed if caught. After that despicable act, Samamah decided to go to Makkah to pray. His route took him near Madinah. When he came near to that city, the Muslim guards stationed around the city caught him and brought him to Masjid-e-Nabvi, where they tied him to a pillar. When Rasul-Allah came for prayer, he saw Samamah tied up there. He asked the guards if they knew who he was. They were ignorant of his identity but said they had caught him as he was passing near the city. Rasul-Allah then informed them that he was Samamah bin Usal, the powerful and proud Chief of the Banu Hanifa tribe. Rasul-Allah tried to convince Samamah to accept Islam, but the latter rudely declined. Rasul-Allah tried for three days, but Samamah remained arrogant and steadfast in his refusal. Then Rasul-Allah asked him to look into his eyes, but this request was also refused. He (PBUH) then asked his companions to be respectful to Samamah as he was the chief of a very powerful tribe. Whereupon they took him to the outskirts of the city and bade him be on his way. When they returned, they joined the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who was sitting on the floor in Masjid-e-Nabvi. They were still sitting there discussing religious matters when Samamah suddenly barged in and loudly recited the Kalmae Shahadat, i.e. “I believe that there is no God but Allah and I believe that Muhammad (PBUH) is His prophet/messenger.” He then turned to the Holy Prophet and said he had hated everything before he saw his (the Prophet’s) face, but now he believed that nothing was as beautiful as his face and everything around it. Then he voiced his regret at having killed many of the Prophet’s (PBUH) companions and was worried what would happen to him on doomsday. Rasul-Allah told him not to worry; when one embraces Islam, all previous wrongdoings are cleansed. Allah Almighty has forgiven you all your past wrongdoings. Hearing this, Hazrat Samamah was greatly relieved and swore to be a trusted follower of the Holy Prophet from then on and that he would kill more enemies of Islam than the Muslims he had killed in ignorance.

After a few days, Hazrat Samamah requested the Holy Prophet to go to Makkah to offer prayers (Umrah). Rasul-Allah taught him how to perform Umrah according to Islam, after which Hazrat Samamah departed for Makkah. On reaching the Khanae Kabah, he loudly recited the prayer: “Oh Almighty, I am here; I am present before you. You are, no doubt, without comparison; I am here. All praise and blessings are Yours. You are the sovereign and You have no partners.” Hazrat Samamah was the first Muslim to recite this prayer loudly in Khanae Kabah. When the locals (Quraish) heard this loud recital, they became furious and took out their swords to punish the culprit. When the mob came near him, Hazrat Samamah again loudly recited the above-mentioned prayer (Talbih). The mob unsheathed their swords and one of them, holding a lance, moved towards Hazrat Samamah. His way was blocked by some other people who said: “Don’t you know who this is?” He is Samamah, Chief (King) of Yamamah. If you dare to hurt him, his people will cut off all aid (edibles, etc.) to us.” They then started talking amongst themselves and to Samamah, telling him he had changed the religion of his elders, etc. Samamah answered saying that he had embraced a better religion. He then warned them that not a single grain of wheat from Najd would reach them until they embraced Islam.

The rest of his life, Hazrat Samamah remained a devoted and loyal follower of the Holy Prophet. He fought against Maseelamah bin Kazzab (the liar, self-proclaimed prophet) and narrated Surah Al-Momin (40:2-3) “The revelation of this Book (Quran) is from Allah, exalted in power, full of knowledge. Who forgives sin, accepts repentance, is strict in punishment and has a long reach (in all things). There is no God but He. To Him is the final goal.” Then he addressed his own people saying: “O Banu Hanifa: desist from doing wrong things. Maseelamah Kazzab is a liar; protect yourself from his satanic tricks. You must know clearly that Muhammad (SAWS) is the true prophet of Allah and no other prophet will be sent by Allah Almighty until the Day of Resurrection and he has no partner in his prophethood.” Then he asked his colleagues whether the rhetoric of Masselamah bin Kazzab was equal to the Holy Quran which Rasul-Allah had been given by the Almighty. “The rhetoric of this liar is no match for the beautiful verses of the Holy Quran. He is but a croaking frog who can neither stop somebody from drinking the water, nor can make it dirty”, he said. Then he asked his people (confirmed and dedicated Muslims) to be ready for Jihad to spread the word of Islam.

May Almighty Allah shower His blessings on Samanah and his compatriots.

For more information about Hazrat Samamah, please consult the following books:
1) Al-Asabata fi tameczal sahabat a Ibn Hijr; 2) Illas Teabe fis ma al Ashah; 3) Seerat Ibn Hasham; 4) Al-A’lam Lil zarkali; 5) Hat-e-Suhaba ke Darak-shain Pehlu by Abdur Rahman Rafat Pasha.

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