Mother is only Mother - By: Balbir Sing Sooch

In the Context of the above, I could not resist defining and saying about my own family life in brief and give my comment as under:

“My birth is because of my mother, Smt. Karam Kaur Sooch and my existence-life on this Earth is because of the exceptional services including her reliability, sincerity and honesty of my wife, Smt. Surinder Kaur Sooch by the grace of GOD now.

My Mother: Smt. Karam Kaur Sooch (Now stands expired)

Here is the wilderness if the woman is not

Here is the wilderness if the woman is not

Not a house is not family

Kiran says, Rishi Muni …

If this is not the most useless

She is a power in itself. But for centuries, runs on power
. She is like a tree. Others take flowers from your emanate seeds
And living for fruits. More tolerant and experienced woman than a man.
Woman is helpful in every form. But today some form of woman
The front is coming. Today’s picture is blurry man
Race into ruin his image. Man, woman boundaries duties
There is a range of responsibilities. No difference between man and woman
Should be, but should work with the woman’s woman. If they work
Male man becomes a joke race, which cause

Working in offices today. Great satisfaction to democratic rule
But when all the alcohol they drink women, with smoke
See if a question for women is progress to where and when
I do recognize all aspects of a woman, woman. I generally personalities
I grew up in. I have done today, that the equality of men
I want to mingle in society. Keep it comprehensive range
Always welcome every new idea which is my similarity, there’s no
Unless ways.

A few days before the death of a woman walking down the Bathinda PALS
It is all very sad, but we know she was pregnant again
Family was dancing on the stage to follow. There are many examples of women
It feels great pride.

In every respect, this woman is progress. Equal rights in society
Are available, but the woman’s equality is dominated her in every way.
Whether they are responsible for the home, whether they are external needs, whether social pretend
Whether mental .. delicacy of the woman in the minds of thinking, loss of feeling,
Tolerance are all gavacadiam.

To think about your role is much needed,
Every right to be satisfied, but others in his passion
Should not be distracted, not vatana side responsibilities.

Beginners should Judo-Karate to help himself
As should learn that society should be aware of the ways
. Be integrated into the structure of the new thinking, but thinking of sanctity
Dissolve. But the children in the home should be made aware of all aspects
Concurrently with the show himself as an example. In society is the sole woman.
It depends on how much each woman to its thinking
Keeps seeing that he is impressed with how his society …
Kiran Pahwa

Posted on May 17, 17 | 1:45 am