Ladies Chapter of PWC has New Leadership - By: Aymen Zaheer


Ladies Chapter of Pakistan Writers Club - Riyadh now has a new leadership.Ms. Madiha Malik - who was formerly the Deputy Convener - has now been elected as the New Convener of Ladies Chapter of PWC aka: PWC-LC. She has replaced former Convener Farah Ehsan.Ms. Shumaila Malik - former Finance Secretary of Ladies Chapter - has been appointed as the new Deputy Convener.

PWC-LC is an association of Pakistani creative ladies who have aptitudes in writing, journalism, poetry, fine arts and fashion design.PWC-LC was founded on 15th November 2013 by PWC Former President Faiz Al-Najdi.

Both Ms. Madiha Malik and Shumaila Malik won the vote of confidence of the members of PWC-LC. It was also endorsed and approved by the President of PWC Engr. Abdul Rauf Mughal.Convener Madiha Malik later formed the new cabinet and obtained an endorsement from all members of PWC-LC and later approval from the President of PWC.

Brief profile of the new office bearers is as follows:

Convener-Elect Ms.Madiha Malik, by profession is a graphic designer and doing photography too. She has been working with book clubs, drama clubs and organization.She has been associated with the PWC for 3 years. Started her journey as a PRO PWC-LC, then elected as Deputy Convener and now, she has been honored to serve as a Convener of LadiesíChapter.

Deputy Convener-Elect MsShumaila Malik, is a language instructor by profession, pursuing creative & productive abilities. She is an optimist and blessed with positive energy to reinvent and kindle the love of all.

The new leadership of PWC-LC also selected and formed their cabinet. This would include appointments to the posts of Advisor to Convener, Finance Secretary, PRO (Public Relations Officer), Event Coordinator, and Social Media Incharge.

Ms. Asma Tariq is a freelanceartist, painter and a social worker. She is elected as a judge for different art organizations. She is the founder and event organizer at ASTARIQS and puppet house. She is Advisor to Convener at PWC-LC, and helping local community here for last 16 years.

Ms. Almas Mumtaz is a versatile teacher by profession and the new appointed Finance Secretary of Ladies Chapter. Previously,she assisted as the PRO of PWC-LC.

Ms. Qundeel Aymen is a freelance writer, ardent poetess and a dedicated mentor. By the forum of LC, she is writing different articles on Newspapers and web magazines. She is one of the founder members of the PWC Ladies Chapter and by profession, she belongs to language and literature. She follows the motto 'Love to serve every real cause!'

Ms. Madiha Noman is a qualified Electrical Engineering from NED university of engineering and has done diploma in Fashion designing from Indus Valley School of Art. She has been the part of the fashion industry for more than 15 years. She has participated in many fashion weeks and has many exhibitions nationally and internationally to her credit. She has been serving as an Event coordinator of PWC-LC.

Dr Farah Nadia, is a doctor and academic trainer. She has been performing her positive role as a motivational speaker and life consultant. Moreover, she is a successful business lady, and now, Social Media Incharge of LC.

Aymen Zaheer is a Freelance Writer and Dep. General Secretary &PRO of Pakistan Writers Club-Riyadh.

Posted on May 05, 17 | 7:35 am