Judgment of Panama Papers - BY: Munir M. Hasan, PhD

I have been repeatedly listening in various TV programs that one of the Honourable Judges of the 5-member bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Panama Papers said that the decision of this case will be such that it will be remembered for next twenty years. Agreeing with this statement and listening to the judgment today, I think the Honourable Judge has underestimated the importance of this decision. To me, this important decision will be remembered for much more time than twenty years.

Earlier, in the history of Pakistan, we remembered two more decisions of the Apex courts of Pakistan. One is the Decision of Justice Muhammad Munir on the Doctrine of Necessity in 1954, and the other is the capital punishment of Z A Bhutto in 1979. These decisions are not only remembered even after long times, but widely quoted due to their deep-rooted effects on the history of Pakistan. The latest decision of the Panama Papers will also have profound consequences in the history and I think it will be remembered not only for twenty years but for all times to come, like the other two decisions.

Posted on Apr 21, 17 | 8:16 am