Mothers Day Gives us an Opportunity to Honor Our Mothers - By: Qundeel Aymen

image The time between birth and death is known as life. But the cardinal questions are:

Who is the vehicle towards the life? Who can endure the pain of creation? Who has stamina to bring happiness while undergoing the risk of life? Who does everything selflessly? Who creates comforts? All the questions revolve around the same axis. This axis is the true personification of angels.

This entity is called Mother.

Mother is that being where love begets, where sympathy descends, where affection springs into a loaf of flesh. Mother is always like a mentor who guides towards that direction which is beneficial for us. She performs almost all the household chores, but among that she renders numerous sacrifices - intentionally and un-intentionally.

She masks her pains behind her luminous face. All the religions have special respect for mothers, but it is our religion Islam that bestows the prestigious position – which is the exalted position among the womanhood.

We all know that the reward of life in hereafter is Paradise, Islam openly gives hint that “Paradise lies under the feet of Mother”. Just ponder for a moment; if Paradise lies under her feet, then pause for a moment to imagine as to how will she be crowned on her head?

With her soft and acquiescent voice, she streamlines our jumble words. The little fingers dwindle in her hand and she makes us meet our goals. With her unfathomable vision, she builds a pictorial dream of the future.

A mother tries her best to bring ease for us even at the cost of her unease. She does practical manifestations in order to inculcate things in our mind. She installs and reinstalls the software in our brain because as they say: “the lap of Mother is the first university”.

A mother is the only being who has the power to unify and harmonize relations. In the stream of people, only a hug of the mother can mitigate the troubles and pains. How beautifully she pours knowledge while putting head in her lap? How logically she convinces us while waving her fingers in hair? How pleasingly she lends her shoulder for her children to lay their heads on and cry? She bends her energies to make us decisive. How strikingly she chuckles upon our mischiefs.

She burns her ‘Self’ in order to illuminate our souls. She bears the daunting rays of sun to provide shelter and fruit. She is like a shady tree. She comforts the dark of ignorance progress.

While capping-up, just snatch a moment from the hustle and bustle of life and try to reach the core of your heart and ask yourself. “Can we reward her for her any single sacrifice?” Mother is the only companion in the world of chaos, strife and ruin.

Don’t trifle the life with petty perceptions. Worth every relation, be humble and be kind. Be respectful and be grateful towards Mothers, if you really want to be…

Finally to honor our own mothers – and all mothers worldwide - let us remember the age old adage:

God Couldn’t Send Angels Everywhere So He Sent Mothers.

Qundeel Aymen is a Writer and a Senior Member of Ladies Chapter of Pakistan Writers Club – Riyadh.

Posted on Apr 04, 17 | 2:38 pm