In Remembrance of World Poetry Day - By: Aymen Zaheer

image Today the world is taking its advance paces in every walk of life. Apprenticeship is always the demand of time - both in science and arts. Unlike painting and sculpturing, poetry is beyond this term. It is personal and non-transferable gifted trait of the poet. It pulsates right from his birth and ends on his death bed. His verses resurrect frequently.

A poet is a person who has humanitarian instinct which is further elevated by sensitivity and tenderness of nature. It is the subtlest genre of literature. It has sturdy engrossment with the emotional make up of the mind. To write anything is equal to the process of creation. The brain of the poet is the house of creativity where different reactions take place. He collects raw material from the experience & imagination, senses and catalyzes it into new combinations. The moment of tranquility and retrospection polishes this faculty. In this way, a creative art comes into being.

Firstly, it is non-spontaneous. Afterwards it turns to the realms of spontaneity. The poet always follows the winding of motives and reasons through the most complex maze of imagination and eloquently bubbles off his verbal coins. They are remarkable for the most agreeable sense of exaggeration, a pleasant sense of beauty and a terse sense of rectitude.

“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origins from emotion recollected in tranquillity." - William Wordsworth

Poetry is an elixir of life, when remedy seems to be worse than the disease. It places the reality into counter world. That is self-created world, where the inner strength is harmonized with the outer weakness. This state can be characterized as “delirium” which ultimately ends into calmness.

“A poet must never make a statement simply because it sounds poetically exciting; he must also believe it to be true.” - W. H. Auden

A poet is the most rational, prudent and sane person, who is blessed with real eyes, which have a tendency to permeate into bare reality. He sees the object as it is, not as he is. Therefore, he has to transcend the world immediately experienced and anchor beyond space as well as time.

Poetry is about to play with words and enters into one’s soul. The facts which are assembled by poetry become more memorable. War poems are true instances of it.

Poetry is not mere sonorous, it is an edifice of delight and wisdom. It makes enable him to hear the whispering of autumn leaves. It is poetry that makes him see that earth laughs in flowers. It can touch the secret recesses of sensuousness. It smells the soil, which weds in the rain.

In short, poetry is all about perception. The transition of thoughts is like the movement of the serpent. Versification is an art. Words are the soul of poetry. Musical cadence and rhetorical power furnish the subject matter of the poems. Poetry has been redressed in every age.

A stanza dedicated to the World Poetry Day:

In the land of Imagination,
I walk and fly,
Where laugh in cry;
That crowns the heart of creation.

Aymen Zaheer is a Freelance writer based in Riyadh.
He is also a Deputy General Secretary and PRO of PWC.

Posted on Apr 04, 17 | 2:35 pm