Geneva : my intervention on Human Rights Situation of occupied territories of Palestine

Thank you, Mr. President

> The question of Palestine is a blatant example of failure by the international community. Despite binding international law and an uncountable number of resolutions, Israel is upholding a system of oppression towards the Palestinian people until this day.

> Mr President, the situation in the occupied territories of Palestine is characterized by land confiscation, illegal settlement expansion, house demolitions, discrimination and arbitrary killings. With total impunity Israel has continuously stolen Palestinian land and expanded its illegal settlement construction against all international outcries.

> We are very concerned about the continuous attack on the al-Aqsa mosque by Israeli settlers and about the new legal bills which passed by the Israeli parliament to legitimize illegal outposts and preventing the Muslim call to prayer without any real condemn from the international community.
> Mr President, by upholding a system pf oppression and discrimination the Israeli Government is not protecting Israel or Israelis, but entrenching itís dreadful occupation, illegal settlement activity, apartheid, discrimination , and human rights violations without any respect for human life.

> Recently an Israeli soldier who murdered a Palestinian in cold blood in front of a camera was sentenced to 18 months. At the same time, Palestinian are spending years for throwing a stone.
> Mr President, in view of such blatant injustice the international community cannot stand aside and stay silent anymore. It is long overdue to restore peace and equality, in accordance with its mandate and obligations.

> I thank you

Posted on Mar 21, 17 | 4:40 am