Press release: General Debate on agenda item 6


Taking part in General Debate on agenda item 6, Altaf Hussain Wani leader A P H C speaking on behalf of World Muslim Congress said that the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) was designed to improve, support and expand the promotion and protection of Human rights on ground.

"It promised to assess the human rights record of the states, addresses the human rights violations and also provides technical assistance for capacity building to overcome challenges that a particular state faces in the promotion and protection of human rights", he said. Terming it (UPR) as a state driven process he said that it was unfortunate that so far states have adopted policy of “you scratch my back I scratch you back”.

He said that during 2nd cycle in 2012 India was handed over 172 recommendations by International community to improve its human rights record. Out of 172 recommendations he pointed out that 71 came from United Nations human rights mechanism, while 101 come from different international as well as Indian NGO,s including National human rights commission of India.

He stated that about 95 NGO,s submitted parallel reports. 33% of the recommendations were about the recommendations were about the discrimination against and Dalits and other religious minorities in India. "While 27% of the recommendations were to repealing of Armed Forces Special powers Act and Public safety act and other draconian legislations whichfacilitate human rights violations and provide impunity to armed forces", Wani said adding that Special Rapporteurs on situation of human rights defenders and extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary execution asked India to repeal armed forces special powers act and public safety act and ratify CAT and CED without any delay.

Regarding Indian government's highhandedness he said that over the past 4 years India has not taken a single step forward and whatever baby steps were taken, have been lingering in legislative process.

India he said was asked to facilitate the visits of working group on arbitrary detentions, working on involuntary and enforced disappearances and special rapporteur on torture and other human rights procedures but their requests have been pending with government of India since long.

Wani urged Council members to make India accountable for its pledges made to this council in the third cycle of UPR when its human rights record comes under scrutiny.

Posted on Mar 20, 17 | 1:52 am