RANDOM THOUGHTS: Books, books - BY: Dr. A.Q. Khan

Books, books
Dr. A.Q. Khan


Nothing about Panama Leaks or cricket from me; four books containing valuable information will be discussed instead. However, first something about the successful Economic Cooperation Organization meeting held in Islamabad. The Prime Minister, Mr. Sartaj Aziz, Mr. Tariq Fatemi and their colleagues deserve all praise for successfully organizing this conference. The participation of the Presidents of Turkey and Iran and senior officials from Central Asian countries clearly demonstrates the importance of Pakistan in the eyes of these countries. One reason for this respect is our status as a nuclear power. Many Pakistanis who have travelled abroad tell me that the nationals of Islamic countries show great respect for them and stress that they greatly appreciate the fact that we were able to achieve 33 years ago what none of them have been able to do since. Not only are we a nuclear power, but we are also a missile power. Because of this combined capability our adversaries dare not indulge in any misadventure against us. Yes, Pakistan Zindabad and Pakistanis Paendabad! With development of the ECO nexus, we can expect many important foreign dignitaries. In order to avoid inconvenience to the general public by putting them up in hotels and the consequent security road blocks, etc, the government should follow the example set by China in establishing a series of guest houses along the lines of the Diao Yutai State Guest House in Beijing. This is a well constructed, purpose built structure of excellent quality, having beautifully laid out gardens and all amenities and services like auditorium, conference room(s) kitchen, restaurant, laundry, gift shop, barber/beauty parlour, etc. and any on our side should be the same.

Now back to books. The first is entitled America and is written by a young, talented Pakistani analyst, Israr Ahmad Kisana. The book has been beautifully published by Mr. Afzaal Ahmad of Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lahore. It contains articles previously published by the author in the dailies Nawa-e-Waqt and Jang. Mr. Kisana has dealt with the situation before and after 9/11 and the psyche of the American people. He has done a great job of analyzing US politics, and has, in particular, discussed Musharraf’s visit to the USA and his subsequent behaviour as President Bush’s poodle and selling our sovereignty for a few dollars. Even Gen. Colin Powel, Foreign Secretary, was shocked when Musharraf, not only agreed to their demands, but even added many more important facilities of his own (like airport and port facilities, air space passage, etc.) It was, in particular, the handing over of the air bases that CAS Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir was so furious at Musharraf for and for which he probably sacrificed his own life and that of his wife and some brilliant Air Force officers. In short, this book is a treasure of information and both Mr. Kisana and Mr. Afzaal Ahmad of Sang-e-Meel deserve commendation for it.

The second book is a special edition of the monthly Tameer-e-Afkar and consists of 576 pages. It is an excellent monthly and this special edition is no exception. It deals with Islamic affairs like education, culture and research and contains many excellent research papers. My friend, Prof.Dr. Syed Azizur Rahman, is the editor and it has been published by Zawwar Academy Publications, Nazimabad, Karachi. This book is a must read for all religious scholars and should be kept in the libraries of all religious schools and those have religious departments. Prof. Aziz is a former colleague of my dear friend, late Prof.Dr. Mahmood Ghazi, founder of the International Islamic University in Islamabad.

The third book has as its subject our most respected and dear Holy Prophet, Rasul-e-Azam (PBUH). It has been compiled by the famous religious scholar, Prof. Khayal Aafaqui and has been published by Bait us Salam, Karachi. It is actually like a Seeratun Nabi. Prof. Aafaqui has done a lot of research and investigation before compiling this book. He has read almost all the well-known books on Seeratun Nabi, the Caliphs, Ahadees, etc. It is a very informative book and of important interest to Islamic scholars, libraries, educational institutions, etc. Unfortunately, a very nice book but it lacks a Table of Contents. Prof. Aafaqui informed me this would be added in the next edition.

The fourth book is written by eminent cardiologist, medical specialist and dear friend, Dr. Abdul Rashid Seyal from Multan. He also specializes in cancer and thallasemia treatments, with which he has booked great success. For those of you who might want to utilize his services, his clinic is opposite Sharif Plaza in Multan. This book is in Urdu and is entitled Ramuze Takhliq (Secrets of Creation). He has written many books, some of which are being taught in the USA. His books Divine Philosophy and Modern Day Science; Glorious Quran in Poetic Stance and Faith in the Unseen are very popular. He has also published many research papers in well-known scientific journals. This particular book contains informative articles on the miracle of the Quran, the journey of life, unseen faith, the Quran and philosophy of life, the ascension to heave of our Holy Prophet, the Quran and the creation of Adam, the undisputed truth of the Quran and many articles and lectures. Also Be (Kun Faya Kun and prayer of Kun Faya Kun), etc. It is a treasure of knowledge and of interest and importance to Islamic scholars, libraries, educational institutions, etc.

Posted on Mar 13, 17 | 7:26 am