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Women around the world may have more to commemorate within the year of 2016 than they initially thought. After Donald Trump, popularly scolded for his sexist remarks against women, became elected as the 45th President of the U.S., universal morale was at an all time low. While this may have been a let down for those who carry a high regard towards the equality of all men and women, let us rest assure that there were a multitude of events that conspired within 2016 that did not give way to a sigh of grave disappointment. In fact, the year of 2016 was a pivotal time for the international success of women everywhere.

So, what exactly did the women of 2016 accomplish?

The following highlight gives a brief summary of ‘16’s most empowering moments, which without the female population, would have not been possible.

In 2016, we witnessed Hillary Clinton become nominated as the U.S. first female presidential nominee of a major party. During one of Hillary’s rallies for the 2016 election, first lady Michelle Obama gave an incredibly moving speech addressing the threatening realities of rape culture. Michelle’s speech became a gracious response toward the ongoing controversy regarding the misogynistic comments on behalf of Hillary’s opposing candidate, Donald Trump.

2016 was also a success for female celebrities. Beyonce’s album “Lemonade” debuted as number one on the U.S. billboard 200. Billboard referred to Beyonce’s album as “a revolutionary work of black feminism”, as it shed light on the international activist movement ‘black lives matter’, a campaign against violence and systematic racism. “Lemonade” later received four emmy nominations, nine grammy nominations, and an award for “Best Album of the Year” according to Rolling Stone. (Talk about girl power!)

Amongst other international news in 2016, Northern Ireland elected Arlene Foster as the first woman minister and first woman to lead a democratic unionist party. Theresa May was elected as prime minister of the United Kingdom by a conservative party, while Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, and Queen Elizabeth II were announced as the most powerful women of 2016.

The 31st Summer Olympics in Rio made headlines for athlete Simone Biles, who became the first African American woman to win an individual event in Olympic swimming. Ibtihaj Muhammad, a member of the U.S. fencing team, made a statement during the Olympics as she competed and won a bronze medal while wearing a hijab. Both competitors were not only undeniably talented, but they also represented their countries as strong and confident women in a competition as competitive as the world renowned Olympics.

In an effort to redeem 2016’s reputation, the international women of 2016 do an exceedingly impressive job to replace the not so great with heaps of good. Maybe there were moments within ‘16 that put a halt to everyone’s flow of positive momentum, but sure enough, there were many more moments in 2016 that deserved our respect and recognition. By viewing our infographic below, BargainFox, you can gain an in-depth perspective of what conspired within this past year and rejoice in the brilliance that 2016 brought forth to everyone, worldwide.

Posted on Jan 17, 17 | 11:53 pm