Should we believe that if Donald J. Trump was president of the USA - BY: Bienvenu MABILEMONO

I heard my friend Ambassador Herman Cohen say, "I think Donald Trump prefers to deal with strong people, so I do not think he's going to talk about good governance or democracy. He will try to make agreements with strong men, for example, with Mr. Kagame [Rwanda], Mr. Kenyatta [Kenya], Mr. Sassou-Nguesso [Congo-Brazzaville] ". He added: "I think it was clumsy [on the part of] Mr. Trump not to spend at least a few minutes with President Sassou."

I must say that I do not agree with Ambassador Cohen at all. I am not American but being born on July 4, Independence Day of the United States, and although I will not go so far as to say that I have "American blood full veins", I naturally have a deep attachment for this great country. In fact I have always felt American at heart.

That is why I am calling Donald Trump and I hope that he will not be for the US what Mikhail Gorbachev was for the Soviet Union (USSR) or Boris Yeltsin for the Russian Federation. It is no secret that these two leaders were Russian puppets from the USA. And everyone knows the consequences this has had for their country. Is that what Donald J. Trump and the people around him want for the US ?

I think that instead of defending the bloody and corrupt dictators like Sassou-Nguesso [Congo-Brazzaville] who diverts public money from his country, shamelessly shoots the heavy weapon on populations with bare hands and takes himself to be a so-called "strong man," Donald J. Trump and the people around him should reflect more on what has made US strength since the Second World War.

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini and Adolf Hitler were strong men? Should we believe that if Donald J. Trump was president of the USA in 1939-1945, he would have found more affinities with Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini and Adolf Hitler?

Denis Sassou-Nguesso [Congo-Brazzaville] is not a "strong man", he is a bloodthirsty and corrupt dictator and above all a calculator and an opportunist animated by the obsessional desire to take care of his external image in order to conceal his abominables crimes, his crimes against humanity.

The United States would lose its soul if it became incapable of protecting and promoting democracy in the rest of the world. And, that, the Americans will not tolerate it.

January 05, 2017


Posted on Jan 08, 17 | 5:24 am