Actions Speak Louder than Words - BY :Dr. Munir M. Hasan

Yesterday, while listening to some TV talk shows, I came to know about a statement of the Honourable Chief Justice designate of Pakistan. According to the TV talk shows and a news item appearing in an esteemed English newspaper, the Honourable Chief Justice designate has said in public that the Judiciary would not yield to any pressure or expediency, and would dispense justice without fear. And that “I promise there will be no pressure on the judiciary and no one could dare question our transparency. I cannot sacrifice my life in the hereafter for any worldly benefit”.

Ordinarily, I would not have said anything on this statement in consideration of the respect of the Honourable Judge. However, I feel that after appearing this statement as a news item in the newspapers and various persons giving their comments on TV, it has become a public document, and I dare say a few words about it.

I have a strong belief that judges do not speak because it is the judgments of the judges which speak for them. To me, this sort of statement from the Honourable Judge was quite unnecessary because the public would know about it soon when he takes the oath of the office. I also believe in a proverb which says: actions speak louder than words.

Prof. Dr. Munir M. Hasan

Posted on Dec 28, 16 | 3:45 am