Resignation of the Interior Minister - BY: Munir M Hasan, PhD


In the context of the Quetta Inquiry Report, some parties are now demanding the resignation of the Interior Minister. This is the demand of real and unreal opposition parties, and the hidden wish of the ruling party. The wish of the ruling party is evident from the fact that this inquiry report, against the traditions, has been made public. Although their demand is the same, yet the reasons for such demand is different for different parties.

Resigning voluntarily or getting resignation from the Interior Minister is not easy. In case it happens, the major beneficiaries will be the PPP and the PML (N). Dr Asim and Ayan Ali will be released, and the Indian agent Kulbhoshan will be sent back to India without any action against him.

Munir M Hasan, PhD

Posted on Dec 22, 16 | 10:48 am