A one-day intensive Umpiring seminar hosted by Jeddah Cricket Association (JCA) was recently conducted in Jeddah in an effort to update JCA panel umpires about the latest playing conditions to sharpen their umpiring skills and enhance their performance. The Seminar was regulated by Mr. Hamid Rana, ACC Level-1 Educator and one of the pioneers of cricket in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was assisted by Atta Ur Rehman. Also present were captains of JCA member clubs, CEO Muhammad Iqbal, President Aijaz Ahmed Khan, Executive Secretary Haroon Abdullah Bin Mahfouz and JCA executive committee members Syed Ashfaque Hussain & Zaheer Peeran were also present in this seminar.

During the seminar, a question answer session was inducted to figure out the common errors and to get spirit of the umpiring laws of international cricket which was helpful in gaining comprehensive understanding of the laws of cricket. It provided the umpires, officiating in JCA competitions, with an appropriate level of competency with measurable performance standards. Hamid Rana was very articulate in his presentation on Power Point and supported by videos which amongst various aspects of thoughtful umpiring also featured discussion on the application of penalties during the match focusing on variable circumstances and situations.
The amateur umpires, looking for progression to qualify in elite panel, were also present to updated and refresh the laws of cricket.

CEO Muhammed Iqbal thanked Hamid Rana and Atta Ur Rehman for giving their time in carrying out such educative seminars at periodic intervals which would be very beneficial for the future of these umpires in particular and to JCA in general.

Posted on Dec 03, 16 | 8:47 am