Very disturbing facts given in a program by Nadeem Malik on Samaa TV:

1. Karachi population is 30% of Sindh. Sindh gets 1000 billion funds for development and out of which Karachi gets only 35 billion.

2. Larkana granted Rs.90 billion funds but its condition is still no better than that of Mohen Jo Daro.

3. 6.5 billion dollars were invested by Pakistanis in Dubai from unidentified sources.

4. Karachi was given 200 billion in total in 5 years during Musharraf tenure whereas 250 billion have been granted to Orangeline project alone for Lahore city.

5. Lahore takes 51% of Punjab budget that has only 8% population of Punjab.

6. The annual subsidiary of Orange Line Project alone is 12 billion and operating loss is 18 billion makes it total 30 billion deficit per year thatís 2.5 billion per month.

This is the height of injustice thatís creating differences between the cities and regions.

May Allah grant sincere and good leaders to this country of sheep and zombies.

Posted on Oct 17, 16 | 3:13 am