Hate politics : Purpose and myth - Please read it - BY: Dr.M.K.Sherwani

It is a well established universal truth that every human action, individual or collective, is directed towards some objective, no matter what it is, and so is also true about the hate or divisive politics. It is a general perception that it aims at polarization of votes along communal lines, and certainly it is what the perpetrators of this heinous policy want to achieve. The question basically arises whether they have succeeded in their designs, or pursuing it like the persons possessed , unmindful of what they have got, and what they have lost.

The tragic incident of Babri Masjid demolition was the height of Hindutwa wave, but, transitory phase apart, could not consolidate the votes of 'Hindus' as such. The victory of Mr. Narendra Modi is yet another example, which a certain section of Hindu fanatics, and a sizable majority of Muslims believe, was the result of 'Hindutwa' wave - a proposition to which I have never agreed. It was nothing but the negative vote against corruption ridden U.P.A. regime, totally disorganized opposition , and new hopes for development , ignited by Mr. Modi's rhetoric. Even the cumulative effect of all these positive factors in its favour, B.J.P. could just manage a little more than thirty percent vote. Thereafter , it could not be repeated in Maharashtra, Delhi and Bihar. My own unprejudiced analysis convinces me, that by the repeated reassertion of divisive agenda , a handful of 'Hindutwa brigade' whose base has considerably shrunk, want to make their presence felt, while the vast majority of Indians , both Hindus and Muslims , are exploring the avenues of communal harmony and peaceful co-existence. It is a fact that Hindus can never be polarized on the 'hindutwa' slogans in favour of B.J.P. On the contrary, Muslims are polarized on 'defeat B.J.P. slogan', but not in favour of any particular party, and opt for what is generally known as 'tactical voting'. So no purpose of any party is served.Let me clarify that the words ' Hindu' and 'Muslim' and their 'polarization' along communal lines in electoral arena are myths. They are used in relation to each other only , otherwise for all practical purposes , they are a fiction , as both are totally fragmented communities. Hindus are plagued by castes only, Muslims are afflicted by castes and sects both.

I invite the proponents of this hate and divisive politics to think over whether they have achieved what they want to , or simply vitiating the atmosphere of the country for pleasure sake.

Come on dear all my Indian brothers and sisters. Rise above parochial communal overtures, and isolate those who want to divide us.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.
Lucknow, India.

Posted on Sep 21, 16 | 2:56 am