My dear ones in Lord Jesus Christ:

Loving Lord Jesus gave me a special testimony which I pass on to you which you share with your friends without any fail. ONLY MY DESIRE is that others know the real truth THAT SHALL SAVE THEM FROM ETERNAL HELL AND BRING THEM TO PERSONAL SALVATION.

Therefore, whatever profitable for you in world, leave them aside and turn back to Lord Jesus for your eternal salvation. Dr (Pr) Thomas Mathai, New Bombay


Although I was born and brought in a Christian family I never believed that there would be a life after death for each and every person in the world. In 1969 subsequent to an operation I was almost clinically dead and I felt my spirit moving with great speed and came to a dark place. I saw evil spirits around my spirit and they chained me without any mercy towards me. I was taken to an utter dark place and I was shown all sins I committed in my life from 4 years of age until 1969. Subsequently I was shown the suffering place, which I cannot describe in words. Before being taken into the suffering place, I called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ loudly and immediately I felt a thundering power come to my room. I was then taken to a special place full of lights by the angels of the Lord Jesus Christ. I saw a screen which showed all the good deeds I had done including accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at the age of 14 years.

There I could hear melodious music praising the Lord Jesus Christ with all instruments. I requested Lord Jesus Christ to allow me to live there forever and ever. However Lord Jesus Christ told me that I should go to the world and inform every body that He is going to come again very soon. He further told me to observe all His commandments. My spirit then returned to my body after 12 hours of operation. I further told about this supernatural experience to all the doctors and nurses around me. They told me that some supernatural powers saved me as their efforts completely failed in this case.

However, I still remained in my nominal church and continued to raise the Lord Jesus Christ without observing the commandments of Lord Jesus Christ. Since I did not strictly follow the Word of God, my Lord visited me again in 1972 by allowing me to experience tumor in my brain. But He heard my tearful prayers and healed me completely. But I still remained without observing the commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At the last and finally I suffered from chest pain due to weak heart valves and I approached a doctor for treatment. However, he told me that I required bypass surgery, which was not available in 1979 in India. This time when I cried unto God He told me that He would heal me perfectly ONLY after observing all His Biblical commandments including Believer's water baptism and Baptism of Holy Spirit.

Further He told me that I should leave all the profitable positions for the sake of Kingdom of God. Being a Master Degree holder in Law from Bombay University, I decided to leave the legal profession and to observe His commandments.

Subsequently I took water baptism. He also baptized me with His Spirit with unknown tongues. Further our Lord Jesus Christ in a vision assured me His healing of all my sicknesses completely. Accordingly, when I observed all His commandments He completely healed all my sickness and still enables me to enjoy this healing power for the last 36 years without taking any medicine.

He has also given me healing to my both eyes so that I can read and write without the assistance of any glass. Even my Lord Jesus Christ directly healed my cataract and diabetes. What a wonderful and Mighty Saviour I am serving. He saves all those are crushed in spirit.

On hearing the voice of the Lord in 1996 I left my job in Gulf country and entered into His vineyard for His ministry. At present I am a minister with Assemblies of God Church in New Bombay and also performing social work among the rejected and oppressed community.

My dear brothers and sisters, in case you die without accepting Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord you will go to everlasting hell. So this is the right time to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior as He shed the last drop of blood on Calvary and died on the Cross for the salvation of the whole human race. He was buried and on the third day He rose again and would come again to take His saints very soon.

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Dr Thomas Mathai, M.A. (Coun) LL.M, M.TH, D.D, PH.D.

Posted on Sep 19, 16 | 4:33 am