The revered Philosopher-saint Swami Vivekananda was a staunch Hindu but unlike most of the Sangh Parivar demagogues, such as M.S.Golwalkar, K.B.Hedgewar, Pravin Togadia and their ilk, he was a staunch fighter for Truth and Justice. Thus, there is an wide ocean of difference between the philosophy of the former and that of the latter. I have studied literature about them. Whilst the former declared that Hinduism is a religion which stands for tolerance and universal acceptance, the aforesaid Sangh Parivar leaders preach the Gospel of sectarianism, bigotry and fanaticism, which successfully fills our Motherland with one-sided violence causing tremendous loss of lives, properties and even honour. In their speeches and writings, these gentlemen call upon Hindus to exert their resources and energies to make the country a land of and for Hindus only, through the triumph of Hinduism and destruction of non-Hindu religions and non-Hindus in case they refuse to be Hinduized. Preach and popularize Hinduism, we non-Hindus have absolutely no objection but, at the same time we, non-Hindus, we warn you that we will resist, with all the resources we possess, attempts to Hinduize us. If Hindus, because of their brute majority, imagine that the mighty can easily defeat the weak, they are sadly mistaken. To substantiate this, I quote the case of the Mahabharatha, which bears eloquent testimony to the fact that the Pandavas, who were in a minority, could defeat the Kauravas, who were in the majority, The Pandavas were in the right and they followed the path of truth, justice and righteousness whilst the latter were devils incarnate.

When Truth comes, Falsehood always vanishes, for Falsehood is verily a vanishing thing. Besides, Truth and Justice ultimately succeed as they are the strongest and most trust-worthy weapons in the Battle against injustice and tyranny.

May the Common God Almighty, the Common Creator of Humanity and Shaper of Destinies of Mankind guides us aright and make our Motherland a Heaven on earth. Amen.

Posted on Sep 19, 16 | 3:46 am