MUSLIM - DALIT UNITY - BY: Prof.Shamim Ahmad

Every Muslim Intellectual and Muslims led Political Party is talking of Muslim = Dalit Unity .It would be great and Historical political revolution if this Political Vision is being realized .I have a question for those who are working on this line ,although it is a very welcome move ,how could Muslims , a divided house , can bargain when negotiating the deal with Dalit leadership .So my appeal to the Community.Political and religious leaders is to firstĀ make serious efforts to unite various sects of Muslims .This is possible only if we stop criticizing and condemning each others AQEEDA and start believing that all those who believe in one Allah( WAHADAT ),Prophet Mohammad SAW as massanger of Allah and Quraan as the words of Allah are Muslims meaning there by Shittes ,Sunnies ,Wahabies ,Deobandi and Barreilvies are all Muslims .So let us first take oath that we shall desist from criticizing each other Aqeeda while sticking to ones own Aqeeda .So there is need first to unite Muslims Socially .If we could Unite Socially only then there could be Political Unity among Muslims Once we are Politically United only then we shall be in bargaining position and every Political :Party shall come to us . I am sure Muslim - Dalit Unity shall be a formidable political force and shall rule not only UP but whole Country .
In UP we are keen in Dalit Muslim Unity but to achieve this objective with whom who have to negotiate ? Mayawati ,even all other Political Parties , wants Muslims support but do not want to negotiate with any Muslim Organization or Muslims led Political Party / Parties leadership .So the only way left is to support Mayawati unconditionally ?
What is happening we create an environment where either SAPA or BSP ,no body else . In 2002 Muslims en mass voted for SAPA and rejected Mayawati but after 5 years in 2007 Same Muslim Community found all faults with SAPA and voted Mayawati to Power,after 5 years in 2012 there was change of Muslims heart and rejected Mayawati and found every good quality in SAPA and gave it massive support . Now 2017 UP Elections are approaching and it seems that Muslims first preference may now be BSP and the most hated party is SAPA meaning there by just two options.Ā
Prof.Shamim Ahmad.

Posted on Sep 12, 16 | 6:34 am