FBR Notices - By: Munir M Hasan, PhD

This morning (here in Canada, and evening in Pakistan), a breaking news has appeared on Pakistan TVs telling that Pakistan FBR has issued notices to some 350 Panama-affected persons including the family members of the Prime Minister. This news has been presented as a happy occasion in the accountability of the corrupt people. However, my assessment is that this step has been initiated by the FBR to benefit the ruling class by officially removing any charges against them and declaring the family members of the Prime Minister as honest persons.

There are a large number of organizations in Pakistan which are responsible for the elimination of corruption and make the country corruption-free. These include FBR, State Bank, Anti-corruption Department, FIA, to name a few. On top of it there is National Accountability Bureau (NAB) who has vast powers to apprehend those who are involved in corruption. Some of these organizations are even constitutional and the heads of these organizations have to take oath for working honestly without fear or favour. In spite of this, over the years, Pakistan has emerged as the symbol of corruption in the whole world. It is so because the corrupt politicians are the appointing authority and they have been appointing corrupt people as the heads of these and many other organizations for their own personal benefits, and also to protect them in case any charge is levied on them. These appointed persons consider themselves the servants of the persons who appointed them, and not the servants of the people of Pakistan. The history shows that this network of corrupt people has been working very successfully and in spite of clear evidences of corruption, no prominent person has ever been punished. If any time a notice is served to any prominent person, it is either to black-mail him to remain within his limits, or to declare him innocent saying that no proof has been found against him.

The total number of Pakistanis involved in Panama Papers is big. However, the notices have been served to only 350 persons. The previous record tells us that the names must have been carefully selected under the above-mentioned two categories those political opponents who need to be black-mailed for not speaking against the government. The cases against them will continue indefinitely. And those who have to be declared honest, innocent and not involved in any corruption. Their cases will be decided early so that they, as honest people, can take part in the next general elections.

I am not predicting what will happen in future. I am only analyzing this situation looking at the past performances of these organizations. Pakistan will never come out of this disastrous situation unless unpoliticized, capable, sincere and honest people are appointed as the heads of the organizations. To me, under the present corrupt network of the ruling class there is no constitutional way to come out of this situation, and corruption-free Pakistan will remain a dream of the people of Pakistan.

Posted on Sep 06, 16 | 2:26 am