'Buzdil' RAW agent Altaf Hussain who became a Hindu and adopted the name of Ram Narayan is safely sitting in London under British protection and directs his secret terror gang to indulge in murder of his opponents and condemn Pakistan which had given him asylum to his father and family. Being a paid agent of RAW and working against the interest of our country, he murdered all his opponents one by one like that of Azim Ahmed Tariq, MQM honest first President, Hakim Saeed of Hamdard, editor Salahuddin of Takbeer weekly, Dr. Imran Farooq, his close associate and others. He even divorced his wife for criticizing him and for receiving money from RAW and becoming a Hindu.

Now Farooq Sattar under threat of Ram Narayan has taken a 'bogus' U turn to fool the Mohajirs. He is a BUZDIL Memon leader and can not condemn Altaf. He is playing a double standard policy to please the government of Mian Nawaz Sharif and also Altaf/Ram Narayan. However another 'cartoon' leader named Amir Liaquat Hussain has left MQM as he is afraid of losing his jobs in TV programs which includes lecturing us unnecessarily on Islam as well as lottery TV shows. The ARY TV office was attacked by MQM anarchists under orders of Altaf and implemented by the Buzdil duffer, Dr. Farooq Sattar, great Altaf Chamcha.

How ever the government is showing some boldness to condemn Altaf alias Ram Narayan for his recent anti Pakistan speech. But we don't understand why Mian Saheb and Ch. Nisar Ali are still afraid to pursue the murder case of Dr. Imran Farooq against this killer politician, Altaf when the two killers originally caught by our ISIS are under government custody. Altaf is spreading lies that Mian Saheb and Ch. Nisar Ali are already bribed heavily and amount deposited in their London Bank accounts. Why a resolution is not moved in the National Assembly to cancel the citizenship of such blackmailers like Altaf and Dr. Tahirul Qadri holding foreign citizenship and sitting abroad to control us. As in India and other countries, no dual citizenship politician living abroad is allowed to control and run a political party.

Our Ulemas, sincere citizens, media, press, honest politicians, TV and their anchor persons, writers, speakers and others should condemn Altaf and press for cancellation of his Pakistani citizenship as he is an Indian agent. Please act before it is too late. Our army should try all criminals of MQM in a Summary court and punish them as our Buzdil courts are afraid of Altaf ad his murder gang. The sincere Mohajirs do not support Altaf, the criminal and murderer. He even tried to murder his own out spoken supporter/leader Rashid Godil to put the blame on Rangers but failed. Please circulate. Thanks.

Sincere Mohajir Pakistanis.

Posted on Aug 26, 16 | 7:51 am