“ a pot should not call a kettle black” - By: S.M.PASHA

Because of their unbridled cultural,linguistic and religious zeal, today’s Marathashtrians, who, day in and day out, yell that Aurangzeb was a devil incarnate, hush up the fact that equally horrible atrocities were perpetrated by Chathrupathi Shivaji Maharaj against the Mughal Emperor and his Muslim subjects.

In 1657,using gurerrilla tactics, Shivaji Maharaj captured THREE Adil Shahi forts. Was he justified in doing it? No sensible or justice-loving human being will give an affirmative answer. Dennis Kincoid in his “ The Grand Rebel: An Impression of Shivaji, Founder of the Maratha Empire” states that Shivaji personally killed Aurangzeb’s ambassador Afzal Khan. Unfortunately, this cowardly attack is hailed as an act of chivalry.

During a wedding function, to which he was an honoured guest, he raided the noble Mughal General Shaistha Khan’s house and maimed him by cutting off his fingers and he killed the Khan’s son. It is a cent per cent undiluted lie to allege that only Alamgeer Badsha’s Muslim army commanders were after Shivaji’s blood. As a matter of fact, Raja Jai Singh of Amber- a Rajput- himself came forward to go to Deccan to subdue Shivaji’s mischievous and deplorable activities against his beloved Badshah and his beloved Mughal Empire. He was not forcefully ordered by the Emperor. When the Raja captured Shivaji’s PURANDAR fort, he begged him to exercise his influence with the Shehenshah and see that he is not punished harshly for his wicked act.

Many do not know and will surely be surprised to hear that the chivalrous Shivaji Maharaj CROWNED HIMSELF “CHATHRAPATHI”. He was not chosen by the Maratha public, who had to endure this zulum as they were unable to cure.

Whilst there exists unimpeachable concrete evidence to the effect that Aurangzeb donated and assisted many Hindu mandirs and pundits, to my knowledge, NOT A SINGLE MASJID, OR MADRASA OR AN ALIM-E-DEEN received any grant or assistance from Shivaji Maharaj. And yet Shenshenshah Alamgeer is being projected as a human Shaythaan so wicked that the famous road in Delhi bearing his name should be named after the self- appointed Chakravarthi viz., Shivaji Maharaj.

It looks as if Where fanaticism is bliss, it is folly to be sober. But NO. We, Muslims, Will not stoop so low as we have been asked by Allah and His Last Messenger [s.a.w.s] to call a spade a spade and call it neither a tiny spoon nor a big ladle. May Allah Subhanathallah save our beloved Motherland from the clutches of fanatic rabidly communal elements who are bent upon harassing Muslims with all sorts of c*** and bull stories of atrocities of atrocities of Muslim kings on Hindus and Hinduism. Aameen, Summa Aameen.

Posted on Aug 13, 16 | 1:21 pm