Paranoia Afflicts Quetta Carnage - BY: Zafar Iqbal Rawana

The nation was shocked, grieved and saddened by the Quetta blast and bloodbath, still in mourning state over the deaths of dear and near ones. As a hardened and resilient nation should have pondered over the causes of heinous attack, made endeavours to address in order to avoid or reduced such recurrence. Ironically the chorus of mixed, confused, and controversial responses with inaccurate diagnosis has further complicated the situation.

Some of the analysts and CM Baluchistan pointed out a hidden hand called it an attempt by the "enemies of the country " in order to sabotage our mega project, China -Pakistan economic corridor ( CPEC ). Few declared this attack, a result of dysfunctional National Acton plan ( NAP ) . A school of thought opined a shift of miscreants from KPK /FATA as a result of operation 'Zarb e Azb '. However, on the other hand a group backed by centrifugal forces like Mohammad khan Sherani, Mahmud Achakzai and Hussein Haqqani and other acquaintances of the ruling elite waffled out contrived, controversial and questionable rhetorics. Maulana Sherani, JUI ( F ) who heads the council of Islamic ideology, though doesn't fulfill the pre-requisites for the position, reiterated his idiosyncratic beliefs and much trumpted narrative that the establishment is responsible for the bloodbath since it joined the US led war on terror. Achakzai stirred up controversy by blaming intelligence agencies. Few weeks ago he stirred hornets nest by saying that KPK belongs to Afghans and the Durand Line dividing Afghans is irrelevant.

Hussein Haqqani, a spin doctor and author of "Pakistan: Between Mulla, Masjid and Military " never missed a chance to denounce and discredit Pakistan Army. He also followed the line of aforementioned spooks. It is a fact beyond doubt that the incident was tragic and barbaric which targeted the innocent people, including over seventy lawyers . The next step should have been, gathering, interacting, informing, discussing causes and circumstances, storming and performing. Following should have been discussed thread bare before spitting out venom and resorting to blame game:

-NAP, why not been implemented so for? Who is responsible, strict action against the culprits after determining and apportioning blame?
-Madrasa Reforms, - why registration has not been completed, why the audit of funding for identifying the source or funding agencies not commenced?
-The Master Minds, who the master minds of TTP and other outfits are, their facilitators, financiers and calloborated why not disclosed .
-NACTA, where stands today, has it played some sort of role to counter terrorism or yet to craft its policy?
-Why the IB and special branch of police are ineffective and unable to perform as per desired standards.
*In a civilised society and democratic country Achakzai, a government ally and part of Baluchistan government since 2013, should have accepted the failure of his political government. Instead he resorted to reducing the secrifices of shuhada. Which is commendable.
*NAP is still in embryonic state, ironically the board of governors never bothered to convene a meeting since its inception. It is still a skeleton unable to produce tangible results. Speaks volumes of inefficiency and incompency apropos people sitting at the helm of affairs.
*The police of all provinces has been reduced to a protocol force . The officials and force remain committed on unproductive assignments.police as a law enforcing agency has failed miserably .
*The states are governed by formulating credible policies, well thought out plans with will to implement that to across the board
*Unleashing agitating hornets and covering up own follies may prove to be a fallacy or disillusion, however will neither be credible nor workable .

Posted on Aug 12, 16 | 2:47 am