Please view the murder and Bhatta racket of Altaf Hussain below. Altaf Hussain is a big criminal c** murderer and political head of MQM who hijacked the Mohajir community through his terror gang. This criminal became an Indian agent after receiving money from RAW. He has been fooling the Mohajir community since long and many of his propaganda were based on our genuine demands i.e. ending the 2% quota, creating a Mohajir province of Karachi and Hyderabad, re-opening of Indian Visa office in Karachi, re-opening of the railway route of Khokrapar-Munabao etc. -- all for the convenience of the Mohajir community.

But this criminal and money hungry MQM head/Quaid accepted huge Bhatta/bribe from the government in power and also from Punjab businessmen as their interests were going to be affected if the Indian Visa office in Karachi and railway route: Khokrapar-Munaboa are opened. The Indian government was in favor of re-opening of the Indian consular office in Karachi. After accepting heavy bribe, Altaf did not favor this genuine demand.

This criminal even fooled ex President, Gen. Pervez Musharaff that his MQM persons will give a rousing reception at Karachi Airport to impress PM Nawaz Shariff to prevent any action against Pervez Musharaff. But Altaf secretly bargained with PM Mian Nawaz Shariff and received bribe in millions to boycott Pervez Musharaff's landing at Karachi Airport. He secretly issued orders particularly to his secret terror gang to prevent MQM persons and supporters from going to Karachi Airport to receive Pervez Musharaff. Gen. Pervez got severely disappointed when he landed at Karachi Airport and then went to Rawalpindi to be apprehended and legal cases were started against him.

According to a secret report Altaf has given up Islam and named himself as Ram Narayan to please India and to receive regular Bhatta/bribe from RAW. Mian Nawaz Shariff has however taken a bold step through High Court ruling to prevent this RAW agent from making almost daily hot telephonic speeches to his MQM Chamchas and the MQM supporters. The Rangers have taken good action against the criminal activities of MQM leaders and their terrorist gangs. At last peace has come to Karachi with no illegal MQM strike and their Loot Mar as the Karachites were fed up with the Bhatta phobia of Altaf's and killings of innocent opposing Mohajirs. Hundreds of MQM activists/Bhatta Khore/killers have been arrested by our Rangers and trials have started. We request that they may be tried by Summary Courts for quick punishment to the guilty. Otherwise the existing courts are failed courts to give judgement early.

The government should take further bold decision to cancel the Pakistani citizenship of Altaf alias Ram Narayan as he is working against Pakistan's interests and blackmailing our government and our army as well. No foreign based citizen should be allowed to run a political party/Tehrik in Pakistan as in India. If necessary a Bill may be moved in the NA. All the illegal wealth of Altaf alias Ram Narayan along with six houses seized by Scotland Yard may be brought to Pakistan through UK government permission to be spent on many welfare projects as follows:

....Senior/disabled people's Homes. .....Nursing Homes for poor people in every big city of Pakistan.......Mental asylums/clinics in big cities.....Day care centres for the infants in all cities.......Foster homes in all cities.....Shelter Homes (beggar homes) for the homeless in all cities.......Small polytechnic institutes to provide training in plumbing, electrical, mechanic repair works etc. Our government should also finance if more funds are needed.

Lastly Altaf and his gang should be prosecuted for the Baldia Town garment factory fire killing more than 200 poor workers mostly women due to non payment of Bhatta of about 18 Crores Rupees by the owners. The pending case of murder of Dr. Imran Farooq against Altaf should be started immediately. The long pending and forgotten cases of murder of Azim Ahmed Tariq, the first Chairman/founder of MQM, murder of editor Salahuddin of Takbeer weekly for exposing Altaf and murder of Hakim Saeed of Hamdard for non payment of Bhatta and others should also be started in the interest of justice and fair play.

The MQM centres abroad should also become realistic to condemn Altaf and his Bhatta/murder gang which spoiled the good image of Mohajir community. They should boldly condemn or at least disown Altaf Hussain alias Ram Narayan and select a new MQM Quaid/head. Thanks.

Pakistan's integrity Zindabad and Mohajir cause Paindabad.

Posted on Aug 01, 16 | 3:43 am