Have you signed the Petition yet? - BY: Amardeep Singh

August 15th is NOT Independence Day For Sikhs. SUPPORT the Liberation of Indian Occupied Punjab to Create "KHALISTAN".

1947 did not bring independence for Sikhs in India where followers of Sikhism, the world's 5th largest religion are labeled as "Hindus"; Sikh Golden Temple was destroyed by Indian Army; Sikhs were subjected to genocide in Nov 84 and thousands were extra-judicially killed by security forces for demanding right to self determination.
Sikhs demand the Independence of Punjab, their historical homeland, BECAUSE Sikhs:
- Have a separate religion;
- Are the indigenous people of Punjab; and
- Have been subjected to genocide in India;
THUS, Sikhs have the right to self-determination under Article 1 of:
- International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ; and
- International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
WE URGE America to Support the Independence of Indian Occupied PUNJAB

Posted on Jul 16, 16 | 2:34 pm