Surah Dahar (76) Tafseer - Verse 27 - 31 | Quran and Hadith

Couple nights ago, the Ramadan moon has started fading and soon it'll disappear.

At first, a feeling of sadness overcame as one realize how soon Ramadan will end and the beautiful spiritual nights of Ramadan would be over.

But on second reflection, one should realize that sadness is not the right feeling that we should harbour in our hearts during these last nights... rather we should harbour the feelings of great Hope in Allah's Mercy that He accepts from us this Ramadan as well as great Fear that we might lose out on His Mercy if we are not of those who are accepted.

These two feelings - Hope & Fear - should guide us in these last few nights of Ramadan; whenever we feel that we're not doing enough because we’re overwhelmed or busy with other responsibilities in life, we should have good Hope in Allah's Mercy that He accepts whatever little we do and multiplies it for us.. and whenever we feel that we're doing a lot, or are starting to feel lazy about doing more, we should have Fear that maybe our deeds may not be accepted due to lack of sincerity and we should strive extra hard..

The Ramadan moon may be fading.. but Allah SWT is Everlasting and we should aim to make the most of the remaining days and nights of this month with full Hope & Fear of Allah (SWT).

Posted on Jul 02, 16 | 5:09 am